Over 30 years knowledge of Calcium Phosphate Chemistry, developed to the best operating standards, Rubex offers Phosphates comparable in quality to the best in the world. Manufacturing in aseptically clean, totally sealed environment, assures absence of Black particles and impurities. Total absence of Microbiological contamination is assured. Our products have exceptionally low Lead and Aluminium levels.
Over 90 % of our production is supplied to the USA, West European Countries and New Zealand since over the last 15 years, with ever growing sales.
All manufacturing is done at the group company facility of Canberra Chemicals at Baroda. Invoicing, Shipment, Marketing and Customer Interface is the responsibility of Rubex International.
A wide range of Calcium Carbonate Granular grades are manufactured. These are DC Grades produced with the use of Binders, for Calcium Tablet Manufacture.

New Phosphates plant under construction 6000 Ts per annum capacity

Our new plant is under construction, targetted commissioning by Q4 2022, with complete certifications. The new plant is a “ state of art “ facility, fully automated with advanced process controls and improved product yields. We will be a significant supplier of Calcium Phosphates with this new capacity, meeting demand of large clients, with supplies from ready stocks


Rubex-Canberra plant is audited and approved by DSM Nutrition Glanbia Nutritionals Pfizer USA Merck India GSK Cipla ZydusCadilla


  • Published on: 06/09/2022

    Calcium Phosphates New Plant

    Rubex new Calcium Phosphates plant construction is progressing fast. Reactors and Centrifuge have been placed in position. The target of plant completion is by the end of October 2022. 


  • Published on: 10/08/2022

    New Phosphates plant under construction6000 Ts per annum capacity

    Rubex Announces construction of our new Calcium Phosphates plant, of capacity 6000 ts per annum. The largest Calcium Phosphates capacity in India will be in production by Q4 2022. We shall then meet demand of the large clients world-wide, supplying from stocks. The fully automated plant, with advanced process controls, shall supply quality comparable to the best in the world.


  • Published on: 18/05/2020

    Calcium Carbonate Granular

    Rubex Calcium Carbonate Granular makes deep forays into the European market. Our superior quality and excellent prices have won us large contracts from new clients in EU countries.


  • Published on: 22/02/2020

    TriCalcium Phosphate

    Our TriCalcium Phosphate is again gaining popularity amongst large end users in Europe.

    The higher bulk density of our TriCalcium Phosphate, makes our product popular.


  • Published on: 01/02/2020

    Calcium Carbonate Granular with HPMC

    Rubex successfully introduced Calcium Carbonate Granular using HPMC ( Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose ) as Binder.

    Commercial Supplies made to Europe was well received, with client appreciative of product quality.


  • Published on: 25/01/2020

    Dicalcium Phosphate DC Grade

    Rubex Dicalcium Phosphate gives ideal tablet strength and finish. Our sales of this grade is to large number of clients located in 8 countries world-wide.

    Our ability to modify particle size distribution to meet client's needs makes us the ideal supply source.


  • Published on: 18/01/2020

    Calcium Carbonate Granular

    Rubex Calcium Carbonate Granular is our Best Seller of 2019 with sales growing by over 175 % compared to the previous year.

    Our CCG strong sales is on the back of extremely good product quality, and very attractive pricing. Our ability to modify the particle size distribution of our Calcium Carbonate Granular, further enhances the client comfort with our supply. The DC grade CCG is used for Calcium Tablet manufacture.

    All our Calcium Carbonate Granular sales are to USA and West European Countries.